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Monday 12 November, 2012

designer I found the Roger Vivier Chips Flats

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Roger Vivier Light Blue Leather Ballerinas Flats With White Buck

On a hunt for a different shoe by the same designer, I found the Roger Vivier Chips Flats years ago and fell in love with them. IN LOVE. As in, “IF I BUY THESE I WILL NEVER LOVE ANOTHER BLACK FLAT.” Sure, that was in the real estate-booming, pre-recession Aughts, when spending $600 on a pair of ballet flats didn’t seem quite the extravagance it does today, but even in today’s recessed, depressed economy, where spare change can be hard to accumulate, these shoes are a bargain at about the same price, give or take $100, as I paid four years ago. They come in many colors and hides, and they are an uber-chic, comfortable, versatile classic — glamorous with jeans, stylish with pantsuits, even sexy with skirts — that you will wear everywhere and with everything. Your friends will be jealous — and after all, isn’t that what a fabulous pair of shoes is all about?

P.S. What really makes these shoes an affordable luxury, even at their price, is that they DEMAND attention. Year after year, shoes have tiptoed, stomped, even run into my closet, only to land in the next year’s Goodwill donation bag, but not these. These won’t go. They won’t even leave my feet. Per weekly wear their price over time, to date, is a mere $3 — now LESS than your Starbucks latte and far better for your figure!
Roger Vivier Shoes Chips Flats

ROGER VIVIER FLATS photo | Jessica Alba

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ROGER VIVIER FLATS photo | Jessica Alba

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