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Friday 21 December, 2012

Roger Vivier classic square buckle charm

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All should all know the French brand Roger Vivier shoes most front-end piece of the Belle Vivier metal rectangular buckle start (see left), as a Chirstian Louboutin blood-red soles, this metal rectangular buckle become one of the hallmarks of Roger Vivier. Footwear industry in Europe, is not the only Italian brand Salvatore Ferragamo is a champion, perhaps because Ferragamo early to enter the Chinese market, so its market branding PR is also more popular than other equivalent brands. The Roger Vivier actually completely on a par with Ferragamo footwear brand, even more fame get the attention of the British Queen Elizabeth II. Roger Vivier brand designer Roger Vivier's design career began in the 1930s and 1960s, he designed for Yves Saint Laurent Belle du Jour square buckle shoes stand out for its distinctive design practices, sought after by numerous star general public at the time, After more frequently appear on the feet of celebrities such as Nicole Kidman. Autumn and winter of 2005, new designer Bruno Frisoni Belle du Jour renamed Belle Vivier, to solemnly commemorate late design guru Roger Vivier. In addition to the classic Belle Vivier square buckle logo, external expansion or arc heel is also designed to emulate the style of today's other brand footwear, in the new 07 autumn and winter footwear, Prada, Miu Miu, Sergio Rossi, etc. heel brand has a similar design. I personally like the outstanding design style shoes, huge metal buckle not only look elegant, but also play a role dotting the type of shoes in clothing with this design is very appealing to me, like Belle Vivier square buckle. But like my kind of preference of high heels, more like a series of "rose without a thorn" designed by Bruno Frisoni for Roger Vivier high heels (see right), they simply beauty to suffocating. Designer's creativity is endless, tall heel plus a small thorn, immediately vividly depict the stems of the roses, and then placed in the shoes of the front of a satin tie Rose, one, oh no, only "rose without a thorn" creative high heels so create different colors to create a mysterious, elegant, sexy feel (there like BLUELOVER roses style), Roger Vivier series footwear add new members, really attracted the population water again and again it! The teacher's shoes expensive in Europe is well known, but the honor to have one pair of even more shoes is the dream of many people. Roger Vivier shoes priced mostly around 500-600 dollars left in the classic style of flat shoes (the same style of Jessica Alba wearing it photographed Oh) priced at 525 U.S. dollars in Hong Kong counter price of about a little more than 4,000 Hong Kong dollars, the price is not out of reach. Each pair of shoes has a such as Cartier elegant crimson shoebox, the Roger Vivier flowers bronzing characters, printed in a shoebox central nobly, if you do not know the brand of shoes, really thought it was a huge jewelry box!

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