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Friday 13 September, 2013

Roger Vivier - an exclusive interview with Creative Director

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In September last year , Ines de la Fressange relying Pian identity of Roger Vivier creative director for the brand opened its first overseas shop and visit , I also talked with Ines made ​​the first interview , I found this to be regarded as different designers generation supermodel muse , the original was a talkative woman. Paris Fashion Week , Roger Vivier for the launch of a brand Pian books and '06 Winter Series and the exhibition was held devices , and we also took the opportunity to visit Ines studio , with her talk about all sorts of brand new trend .

Ines de la Fressange 's studio, is located in the Roger Vivier flagship store in Paris among the white room means a lot of works of art , with flowers embellishment , but also ignited aromatherapy , I were very " Paris " feeling . Smiling to Ines, talk to the author and the book and exhibition , said drip : " our present order a new " Roger Vivier - D'un soulier l'autre " while preparing a special exhibition , see this book , we can make people better understand how Roger Vivier is a unique artistic touch of the designer , but also the classic list of brands for many years in fact , Roger Vivier was alive, has repeatedly held in the Louvre Art exhibition , he himself is an excellent addition to the designer , but also very loving installation art . "

Even Ines is only responsible for the creation of brand image and store , product design work by designer Bruno Frisoni is the main reason , just as the brand creative director , asked Ines design theme for autumn and winter series , she admits that she actually know ? ! "Everything beautiful things should not be subject to certain restrictions specified elements , a good pair of shoes, in addition to the appearance of the design , but also to take into account is comfortable , and ability to cater to the individual requirements of customers is more important . Walked into Roger Vivier shop in the shoes of the people , should find a pair of comfortable to wear , but also for different occasions with personalized match the Right Shoes, rather than spend a lot of money, do not buy a lot of torch bearers with the Stupid Things. "

Ines also stressed , Roger Vivier reason without spending money to advertise , but also has its down position for many years , because the brand's design stand the test of time , and its quality is not imitate others , then like the Burberry Trench Coat, whether your grandmother , mother, and you will buy one , just because it 's long lasting , when and where it is worth having .

Ines said though early exposure Winter Series no specific design theme, however, is in fact the designer Bruno Frisoni of Roger Vivier classic materials and design details as design inspiration. In addition , he is a new series of injecting a bit of sixties pop contemporary artistic meaning and a sense of space , with a lot of metallic colors , with black winter hit in matte calfskin , patent leather , woven suit small , velvet and other material making all kinds of shoes and boots. I must mention , more forthcoming in June this year for the first time with the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Haute Couture Couture launched series .

Know what the people know , Roger Vivier shoes has always been high- priced , basic Square Buckle flat shoes Sheng Hui three thousand five hundred dollar prices, of course, is based on the brand 's reputation and quality . The store is offering '06 spring and summer series , joined by the new design for the past rare canvas material , the minimum consumption of flat shoes will be close to HK $ 3,000 asking price , it seems that all seems to the quarter than leather production a little bit cheaper . If it comes to the real expensive to make, such as more than one hundred thousand million boots, in the brand's Paris headquarters , you can eleven to experience.

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