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Wednesday 11 September, 2013

Roger Vivier "comma heel" Today the world online

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Age of 21, a popular model and DJ Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor Ait Miranda Taylor, once conquered this super tip comma heels. Whether traveling by bike or nightclub , this comma- heeled shoes can be competent, tremendous fun mood . Comma (Virgule) Variety shape can be used with either jeans or a miniskirt , socks , leopard hot pants or leather jacket , can bring a different magical effects. Nightclub dazzling light, shine off Comma heels miniskirt increasingly distributing charm , make you Yanyaqunfang , fashionable edge . As a well-known rock group Duran Duran ( Duran Duran ) bassist John Taylor John Taylor and photographer Amanda de Cadenet Amanda Dikembe Dinai 's daughter, although a pair of superstar parents, but Ait Randa wearing Luo Jay Weiwei Ya Comma high heels , a firm footing in their own way , to strive for. Whether it is day shopping or work appointments, or dance the night carnival, where replacement without changing his shoes , Comma are a perfect fit , so that you are acting freely on various occasions , the entertainment correct . Houndstooth pattern , brilliant red, metallic , satin or mink material, different design details show Comma -changing character. As a model , Ait Miranda with her innate fashion attitude successful interpretation of these various styles and lifestyles of thousands of footwear. Atlanta de Cadenet Ait Miranda Taylor , said: "The ability to collaborate and Roger Weiwei Ya , I am very excited ! There are too many stories behind the brand , and it perfectly illustrates the style and creativity ." Photographer Olivia Bee Olivia Miranda graduated feet to capture the interpretation of the Comma Ait style . 19 year-old , she is already the world 's top photography Alliance. Olivia Bee Olivia Bi: " to have the opportunity and Roger Weiwei Ya this benchmark brands, the brand re-interpretation of charm , which for me is great ! This is a legendary brand, even be together as long as these can make people inspired footwear doubled ! everything vivid and natural , we relaxed with a " shooting schedule " to work , working quite enjoyable. ride with , and puppies playing , tasting cups cake ...... " Olivia admitted that she will soon be able to look forward to when the movie director. We look forward to Ait Randa and guest roles "Comma" Joining the interpretation of a large fashion . Since the advent of high heels on this high-profile , enduring, become a classic. Ait Miranda Taylor, Olivia Bi and Comma ...... they are sought after by potential unlimited high-quality images . Fast to follow in their footsteps now !

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