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Sunday 03 March, 2013

The exclusive interview Roger Viveir designer Bruno Frisoni

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2013 during the fall and winter fashion week, Roger Viveir held in Paris in a brand new series of autumn and winter 2013 show. VOGUE Fashion Network special interview to designer Bruno Frisoni, behind-the-scenes story about the new season for you. VOGUE Fashion Network: The works of the new season would like to express a kind of female beauty?
Bruno Frisoni: I think that through this series definition of a young girl's attitude, expression of a sexy and some neutral taste. But in general, or to keep women and lovely side, even if it is for everyday wear or do some neutral modeling with, she should also be full of sexy women beautiful. This season we have many different series, some inspiration from the 1950s, some from the 1970s, as well as by the pyramid constructed from everyday wear and dinner modeling we are trying to find a balance, In fact, this is precisely now young women seeking style attitude.

VOGUE Fashion Network: creation of a new series, what is your primary considerations?
Bruno Frisoni: contour, in my opinion fashion focus outline thereafter is the combination of materials. The focus of this season is that the contour stitching pondering between different materials and elements. This season we have many unique profile of innovation, some special custom limited edition models need to make an appointment.

VOGUE Fashion Network: this season's most distinctive is what?
Bruno Frisoni: We have a special brushes elements, including jewelry, footwear and handbag decoration will appear.

VOGUE Fashion Network: What is your favorite this season a single product?
Bruno Frisoni: For me, each piece is like my child, their own characteristics. Looking at these beautiful designs I can not choice.

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